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Being on the water can be unpredictable and if your boat accidentally causes damage, your business and your life could take a huge hit. Whether you own a boat business or simply have your own personal watercraft, proper coverage is necessary.

While most states do not require boat owners to carry boat or personal watercraft insurance, not having the coverage puts you at significant risk. If you cause an accident while on the water, an injured party could sue to cover their medical expenses and damage to their property. If the lawsuit is successful, you could owe hundreds of thousands of dollars or more. Having the right amount of liability insurance reduces your exposure and protects your assets.

In some cases, a homeowner’s insurance policy will extend coverage to a boat — as long as the watercraft is relatively small. However, these policies typically provide minimal protection, include gaps that leave you vulnerable, and contain low liability limits that may not cover the full amount of a court-ordered award or settlement. Many boat owners turn to XINSURANCE for extra coverage that gives them true peace of mind.

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Personal Boat Insurance and Watercraft Insurance

XINSURANCE offers boat rental insurance and personal watercraft insurance for speedboats, pontoon boats, fishing boats, houseboats, yachts, banana boats, tiki boats, kayaks, canoes, paddleboats, jet skis, hydro flying, and more. With our customized, all-in-one approach, you can get the liability coverage insurance you need to feel happy out on the water without any worry.

Types of Coverage for Personal Boat Insurance

XINSURANCE provides customized insurance solutions for personal boats and personal watercraft including rentals.

Personal use would cover 3rd party bodily injury and 3rd party property damage. We can also offer hull/physical damage coverage as well as coverage for an uninsured boater and sudden or accidental pollution.

Commercial Boat Insurance and Watercraft Insurance

Not only can XINSURANCE provide insurance solutions for personal boats, watercraft, and rentals, but we can also help businesses who need commercial boat insurance. We also provide solutions for boat rental insurance if your business rents out boats and watercraft. We understand the risks that businesses take and we’re willing to provide a solution that leaves you with true coverage and true peace of mind.

Types of Coverage for Commercial Boat Insurance

For commercial use, we can cover any type of business – rental, charters, tours, security or water patrols, etc.

Using our all-in-one approach, you can have multiple coverages under one policy. Commercial use would cover 3rd party bodily injury and 3rd party property damage. We can also offer hull/physical damage coverage as well as coverage for an uninsured boater and sudden or accidental pollution.

FAQ About Our Boat Insurance Solutions

Here is a list of the frequently asked questions we receive about our boat insurance solutions. Feel free to view, download, or print our Boat Insurance FAQ!

Do you provide “normal” boat insurance?

Yes! We provide boat insurance solutions for your personal or commercial boat as long as the standard market will not offer it to you.

Do you cover any watercraft other than boats?

Of course! We can provide customized insurance solutions for any type of boat or watercraft, personal or commercial!

What types of boats are covered?

We can provide insurance solutions for all types of personal and commercial boats and watercraft. Some popular examples include:

  • Boats (fast boats, powerboats, yachts, charters, sailboats, etc.)
  • High-Powered Watercraft
  • Jet Skis
  • Rentals
  • High-Performance Racing
  • Fiberglass, wooden, or metal vessels
  • Houseboats
  • Homebuilt or Commercial Vessels
  • Custom-Built Vessels
  • And More!

What type of watercraft will XINSURANCE cover?

Any type of watercraft needing an insurance solution.

Do you cover rentals?

Yes! We can cover businesses that rent boats and boats that are used on a P2P (peer to peer) app.

Can I rent my units on a peer to peer platform?

Yes, we can offer customized insurance solutions for your business.

Can the rented units be used in ocean, lakes, rivers, etc.?

Yes, we can offer coverage for all the above.

Does this policy cover physical damage while units are being rented?

Yes, we can offer our renters’ liability program which will cover physical damage to units while being rented and personal liability coverage for the renter.

Are renters allowed to pick up and transport units?

Yes, we can offer transportation coverage while under renters’ care/control as well.

Does XINSURANCE offer a lay-up period during policy period?

Yes, we can underwrite and schedule a lay-up period on policy.

Can I make payments or do I need to pay in full?

Yes, we offer payment plans: down payment of 25%, 30%, or 40% down, then monthly payments will coincide with the length of your season.

Can I cancel after my season is over?

Yes, but there will be no return of premium, as the policy has been underwritten around the exposure during the season.

Can I add more units during policy period?

Yes, we encourage growth. Keep in mind, all units must be scheduled to policy for coverage to apply.

What happens if I make more money compared to what was quoted for my business at start of policy?

No problem, we will send out an audit towards the end of the policy period.

Can XINSURANCE off watercraft coverage in all 50 states?

Yes, we can cover in all USA states and territories.

What Types of Boat or Personal Watercraft Insurance Should You Carry?

Boat owners and operators should carry insurance to cover their liability exposure and pay for damages to the watercraft when an incident occurs. Available coverages include:

  • Bodily Injury: This form of liability insurance pays for medical expenses resulting from injuries due to your negligence. Examples of typical scenarios include causing an accident that injures your passengers or those on the other watercraft involved in the mishap. Another potential situation is when a passenger slips and falls while aboard your vessel.
  • Property Damage: Use this coverage to pay for the damage you cause to the property of others, such as when your negligence leads to an accident that destroys another watercraft.
  • Commercial Liability: This covers business activities and operations.
  • Guest Passenger Liability: Scheduled operators are covered as well as 3rd party coverage for passengers as long as the operator was scheduled to policy.
  • Medical Payments: This insurance covers the cost of medical treatments for third parties resulting from a boating accident.
  • Physical Damage (PD): PD insurance protects against damage to your boat and permanently attached equipment such as anchors and propellers. Examples of covered events include collision with other vessels and perils such as fire, lightning, vandalism, and theft.
  • Pollution Clean-Up: Covers the costs associated with pollution clean-up caused by your boat, personal watercraft, or rental.
  • Uninsured Boater Coverage: Helps pay for injuries people on your boatsustain from anotherboaterwho does not haveinsurance.
  • True Umbrella: Our true umbrella can cover any gap, limitation, or exclusion in any other insurance policy in force.

Customized Boat Coverage for True Umbrella Protection

XINSURANCE offers flexible underwriting to meet your unique coverage requirements. We cover the gaps and exclusions that could be putting you at risk of a significant financial loss. With limits available of up to $10 million — or $20 million in some circumstances — you’ll enjoy true peace of mind knowing your assets are safe if a loss occurs.

About Our All-in-One Approach to Liability Insurance

At XINSURANCE, we implement a partnership approach to providing the boat or personal watercraft insurance you need. You’ll find that covering all your exposures under one comprehensive policy makes managing your plan easier and removes doubts. Working directly with one team of underwriters and decision-makers also ensures more consistency and eliminates uncertainty when working with multiple carriers. Plus, you can count on us to be there to update your program as your liability insurance requirements evolve over time.

We Offer Coverage When Others Won't

Have you experienced the cancellation or non-renewal of a boat or personal watercraft insurance policy due to an excessive claims history or other reasons? Have you had your application for coverage rejected? We specialize in taking on difficult risks that other insurance companies avoid. We provide insurance solutions that no one else will.

XINSURANCE will be there in your time of need. You can contact us to file a claim, and we’ll initiate the investigation and settlement process without delay. You can also count on us for expert legal assistance during a lawsuit. We work with old and new claims and will even take on existing litigation on your behalf.

Our Simplified Application Process

We’ve removed the hassles of applying for boat or personal watercraft insurance. Complete the application online and submit it to our underwriting team for a prompt review. Once we receive your application, we’ll get in touch to set up a phone call and discuss the risk in more detail. We’ll then respond quickly with a no-obligation quote for your approval.

Get Your Boat or Personal Watercraft Insurance Today

Don’t put yourself and your assets at risk. Use the form on this page to initiate the liability insurance process today. You can alsocontact usif you need more information or would like a free review of your current plan.

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Recreational Vehicle Insurance

Have more toys than just a boat? We can provide insurance solutions for other recreational vehicles such as snowmobiles, jet skis, aircraft, ATVs, and more!



Q. Do I need liability insurance for my boat(s) or personal watercraft?

A. In most cases, yes. Your typical homeowners insurance either won’t cover your boat or personal watercraft at all or only provide minimal coverage. We can provide a customized policy to make sure you’re completely covered.

Q. What are the most common factors among accidents?

A. Operator inattention, operator inexperience, improper lookout, machinery failure, excessive speed, and alcohol rank as the top primary contributing factors in accidents.

Q. Are there state requirements for personal watercrafts?

A. Most states have minimum ages for PWC operators, ranging from 12 to 18. Additionally, some states require that the rider/operator takes a state-approved boater safety course. There are more requirements/regulations so be sure to check with your state laws before operating any boat or personal watercraft.


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In 2017, the Coast Guard counted4,291 accidentsthat involved 658 deaths, 2,629 injuries and approximately $46 million dollars of damage to property as a result of recreational boating accidents.

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The11,961,568 recreational vessels registeredby the states in 2017 represent a 0.84% increase from last year when 11,861,811 recreational vessels were registered.

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The most common vessel types involved in reported accidents were openmotorboats (46%), personal watercraft (18%), and cabin motorboats (16%).

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Pilot Liability

As a pilot you get to experience a freedom unknown to most. With such a unique lifestyle, you need unique liability coverage to protect you from a “sue-happy” society.


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Commercial Liability

You’ve worked hard to grow your business so don’t let an accident or a lawsuit result in financial loss or closed doors. We provide a defense if an incident, claim, or lawsuit occurs.


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Animal Liability

Dog-related damage is the leading cause of homeowner’s insurance claims. That’s why animal liability coverage is an essential part of being a responsible pet owner.


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Firearm Liability

As a responsible gun owner, safety is your top priority and protecting your assets is ours. We protect you from the unexpected by offering custom, supplemental coverage.


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