Pontoon Size Chart - Pontoon Boats (2023)

Pontoon Size Chart - Pontoon Boats (1)


It is usually a hard pick when it comes to choosing the right size of pontoon boats that best suits an activity. However, the first thing one should consider is the size of the boat. Typically, a dry berth pontoon of 6m in length and 1500kg in weight contains a pointy end enabling a boat or jet ski to be placed on top of the pontoon with the use of a roller system. Hence, choosing a good fit does not have to be difficult if one has a good understanding of pontoon size charts and how they affect the purchase of a pontoon boat.

Several factors determine what pontoon size one should invest in. Factors such as; storage, how many people will be on the pontoon, the kind of water the pontoon will use, and financial capability. Pontoon boat sizes range from 15 to over 30 feet, with other custom-made dimensions to the buyer’s specifications.

This article will provide readers with the necessary information concerning pontoon sizes.

Pontoon Size Chart

The following diagram will show some popular pontoon dimensions using a pontoon Size Chart.

Boat SizePontoon LengthPontoon Width
4M and Under3.7m2.4m
10m plusAdd 2-3m to the boat length3.5m

Factors To Consider Before Deciding On A Pontoon Size

The following paragraph will discuss some important factors one should consider before deciding what pontoon size is best for their boat.


Before one purchases a boat, one must first consider how many people are expected to fit in the boat. If the boat takes one to five people, a 15-foot long boat will do fine. However, for six to ten people, one will have to choose a boat between 16 to 21 feet. Those planning on taking an even much bigger crowd should go for a model that is 21-28 feet long.

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Storage And Towing

Another essential factor to consider is where the boat will get stored and how to move it. It would amount to a waste of money when one buys a boat that doesn’t fit into the dock or has lengths that can’t fit into the trailer. If the one is planning on transporting their boat, they will need to check the length and the weight of the pontoon against that of the trailer required to move it.

The boat should be able to fit entirely into the trailer. However, for dock storage, one should include the length added by the outboard motor(2-3 feet).

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Generally, small boats do better on calm and small water bodies. Small boats are excellent at navigating through rivers and shallow lakes. If one is planning on using their pontoon boat in an area with more giant waves, then they should use a pontoon that is 17 and 22 feet long.

People who want to use their boats on oceans and bodies of water with larger waves will require a large pontoon. Although large pontoons aren’t as agile as their smaller counterparts, they are much better at handling waves. Those who prefer larger bodies of water will need a pontoon that is between 23-28 feet long.

It is essential to note that some locations may restrict specific sizes from getting used on their waterways. The rules apply differently from state to state. Hence, people must check for their local state laws before buying a pontoon boat.


People passionate about fishing will need to get a pontoon boat that is adequate for the activity. Anglers will require a pontoon boat that is around 22 feet long. If they intend to bring gears, they must choose a boat with ample storage.

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Sizes may vary depending on what body of water the pontoon will be used on. For those that want to use their boats for freshwater fishing in streams and lakes, a small boat will serve. However, people that prefer ocean fishing will do well to get a larger boat.

However, some people would want to fish and relax simultaneously. So those that fall into that category can get a boat in the 18-20 foot range as they’d be able to handle pleasure cruising and occasional fishing.


Activities like snorkeling and swimming may not require a pontoon with a lot of storage. One must know how many people are coming on the activity and pick a boat that suits their carry capacity.

Scuba diving and water skiing are different because they’d usually require that the participant have gears. So, people that intend to use their pontoon for such activities require one with ample storage.

Other activities such as water skiing, wakeboarding requires the boat to pull an object through the water. The vital factor one has to consider is the pontoon’s engine. A good pontoon engine for these sports should have at least 90Hp. Bigger motors will require a bigger boat to carry them.


People who want to use their pontoon boats strictly for relaxation should consider the deck size before purchasing a boat. They may not necessarily need a big motor or ample storage space; the main factor they’d have to consider is the size of the deck.

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Garage Door

This is also another essential factor to consider when choosing a pontoon boat. The average garage door is about 7 feet wide. Those who want to pack their crafts in the garage should ensure the boat width is smaller than seven feet. However, double-door garages can be 14 to 17 feet wide, enough for most pontoon boats.

How Wide Is A Pontoon Boat

Below are some of the most common widths of a pontoon boat using the most popular models.

  • Bennington 30 QSR – Deck Length 23-30ft – Width 10 inches.
  • Aqua Patio Ap – Deck Length 23ft-11.5in – Width 8ft 16inches.
  • Avalon LS cruise – Deck Length 17ft. 3inches – Width 8ft.
  • Sun Tracker Bass Buggy – Deck Length 20ft –Width 8ft. 2inches.
  • Avalon Gs-Fish – Deck Length 19ft 5 inches – Width 8ft. 5 inches.
  • Sweetwater SW 1880 FC – Deck Length 19ft. 8inches Width 8ft. 6 inches.
  • Sylvan Mirage 8520 cruise –Deck Length 20ft. 10inches Width 8ft. 6inches.

The above models represent the average width of pontoon boats. Whatever boat one is planning to buy will most likely fall into these ranges. However, while the length varies from one vessel to another, the width usually ranges from 8 to 10 inches. The number may change when the pontoon width is added to the boat.

It is important to note that manufacturers may have their pontoon sizes. The model’s width may scale with the length. However, the ratio will depend on the pontoon’s manufacturer. There are some pontoon boats with as much length as 24 feet. Even though they come in such a long length, their width falls between the 8.5 to ten feet range.

Different Widths Of Pontoon Boats

Pontoon boats are usually classified according to their width. There are small, medium, and large sizes. Each category has its strengths, weaknesses, and optimal usage conditions.

Small Pontoon Size

Pontoon boats that fall into the small size range are usually 20 feet in length with a width of 8feet. Smaller ones can even have a length of 12 feet and a width of 7feet.

Pontoons that fall further below the seven-foot range are called mini pontoons. They are used for moving in small waterways or casual fishing. Their carrying capacity is around two to six people. Below are some examples of small pontoon sizes.

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  • Avalon Gs Cruise.
  • Bennington 188 SVL.
  • Harris Cruiser Lx 160 Cruise.
  • StarCraft Lx 20R.
  • SunTracker Bass Buggy 16Xl.
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Medium Size Pontoon

The medium size range is one of the most popular amongst pontoon enthusiasts. The length of the pontoon is around 20 to 24 feet and falls within the medium size range. Medium size pontoon boats also have a width of 8 to 10 feet, depending on the ratio.

A medium-size pontoon can carry up to 10 people, making them great for family use. Below are some examples of medium size pontoon boats.

  • SunTracker 20 Dlx.
  • Sylvan Mirage 8520 cruise.
  • Kinocean Pontoon.

Large Size Pontoon

Large pontoons are the ones that fall around 24 feet in length and 12 feet in width. Although there are some exceptions, those are usually their dimensions. People that want to take more than ten people on board will benefit from choosing pontoons that have the above measurements. It is important to note that unless one has a regular need for many people onboard, a large pontoon can be a waste of money. Below are some examples of large size pontoon boats.

  • Party Barge Dlx.

What Is The Right Pontoon Length For Me

The first step in choosing the right pontoon length is determining the proper size. Most manufacturers will give the buyer the deck length and the tube length. The deck’s length will usually be longer than the tube length because they extend out. However, manufacturers will differ on how they designate their length dimensions.

Some pontoon models like the L23SU have a tube length of 23’6,” and their deck length is 25’6″. On the other hand, some Barletta models have a transom on the back that sticks out further than the deck and tubes.

So, before a pontoon, one should know the deck length as it will help them to determine the overall size of the boat. But it is also vital for people to know the tube length to know the appropriate trailer for their boats.

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What Capacity Do I Need

The longer the pontoon, the more people it can take. Someone who wants a higher-capacity float will benefit from choosing a longer boat. A longer boat is typically heavier and will displace more water than a lighter and shorter boat. The ability to replace water better is what gives the boat buoyancy. It also plays a role in the weight capacity of the boat.

Longer boats also have more storage capacity. The most common length for larger seating capacity is 20-25 feet for longboats.


With all the different choices and factors needed to consider, picking a pontoon boat can be troublesome. That is why every new and experienced pontoon owner needs to understand pontoon size charts to make better choices when buying a boat. Pontoon size ranges depend on if the boat is tiny, medium, or large-sized.


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