What Sound Signal Alerts Others That A Boat Is Backing Up? (2023)

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Answer 1

One short blast tells other boaters "I intend to pass you on my port (left) side." Two shortblaststell other boaters "I intend to pass you on my starboard (right) side." Three shortblaststell other boaters, “I am operating astern propulsion.” For some vessels, this tells other boaters, “I am backing up.”

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Planets revolve around the sun along blank paths because of gravity


Planets revolve around the sun along elliptical paths because of gravity

Elliptical- Planets revolve around the sun along _____ paths because of gravity.


What does Churchill claim that the Soviet Union wanted?


Churchill claimed "the Soviet Union does not want a war, but to get the fruits of war and indefinite amount of expansion.".

First person was right but what history class is this for?

Which country did President Monroe blame for not upholding the Pinckney Treaty?


The country the blamed was Spain

Because Congress was unable to stop Shays’s Rebellion and the Pennsylvania Mutiny, it feared the



Upon facing the Shay´s Rebellion and the Pennsylvania Mutiny, George Washington and other remarkable man of the history of United States saw the necessity of strngthen the Central Government. According to them, the government should guarantee the protection of the liberties and property of all citizens, therefore, preventing the risk of other mutinies or rebellions.

Some congressmen feared that these rebellions might spread other insurgent actions and decided to make some modifications of the Constitution regarding guidelines to maintain social order within states and regarding extradiction.


Spread of future rebellions and anarchy.


News and media coverage featuring the acts done by the terrorist groups or organization to the mainstream public audience. Say some attack happened in a local area and you see the details on the news, in result of this you will naturally be more aware and paranoid because of the fear of an attack happening to you. Its a scare tactic used to induce fear.

How did the cotton gin impact the development of slavery in the US?


The cotton gin helped production speed of cotton rise. The main reason for the cotton gin was too lower the amount of slaves needed in the south. However, it led to an increase of slaves, for southern farmers wanted to make more money, and so they bought the cotton gin and more slaves to help plant, sow, reap, and then make the finish product, which led to increased profits and more people becoming either illegal slaves or legal

hope this helps

Cash crops cultivation done by slavery was on the decline before the invention of the cotton gin. Southern slave plantations mostly grew mostly tobacco, as well as rice and indigo, but the prices of these crops were falling around this time .

Since cotton very labor intensive to manufacture it was not the fabric of choice therefore it was not popular, but it was still expensive, because it was not the most popular fabric that was being cultivated.

The cotton gin made it possible for plantation owners to start growing and turning cotton at a fast pace obtaining large amounts of profits when they sell it Europe.

As cotton production went up so did the amount of slaves that were being put into labor.

Under the Gupta Empire, family life was most similar to that of the Minoans. Aztecs. Egyptians Chinese.


The Chinese,the father was the head of the household. Marriages were arranged and women were expected to obey their husbands. Women also had fewer privileges and rights than men, but it was expected that they would be treated with respect

Which battle saw the bloodiest single day of the civil war


The Battle of Antietam, a.k.a.Battle of Sharpsburg, resulted in not only the bloodiest day of the American Civil War, but the bloodiest single day in all of American history.

Hope this helps you.

The answer is letter A. For those who know what im talkin about .

How did the invention of the printing press influence the renaissance


Books were able to be made more rapidly instead of having to hand print them one by one. Ideas and religion spread more quickly.

What were some of the challenges that women faced during the Women's Rights Movement during 1840-1920


One of the major challenges was that people opposed their right to own property and their rights to vote. Not only were conservative men against this who believed that women were inferior, but also women opposed this believing that women should be protected by men and that women should not have the same rights.

Rovio recently launched a new version of its popular angry birds game called angry birds star wars, what time of brand alliance does this represent


Type* it representsBrand licenses, as Rovio uses Lucas's products and patented/copyrighted ideas in exchange for a licensing fee.

A country wants to spread its political system to all of its neighboring countries. however, it knows that if it uses its military to overthrow neighboring governments, it will face a massive retaliation from their powerful allies. instead, it secretly trains and funds rebel groups in neighboring countries in the hopes that they will be able to overthrow their governments. this type of policy is most similar to which cold war idea?


The correct answer is - Proxy wars.

During the Cold War period, the so called proxy wars, used by the United States and the Soviet Union, were a very common thing. In this type of war, the country itself doesn't involve its military in a direct way, but instead it hires people in the country of interest, and also infiltrates its own people. They fund, train, propagate, and that is in order so that they can take down a government without being directly military involved, as that will mean that they will face sanctions.

Answer: Proxy wars


The war of 1812: a. made the united states a world power

b. strengthened the federalists

c. was the deadliest in u.s. history

d. gave the united states its first colonies

e. generated intense patriotic pride


The war of 1812 generated intense patriotic pride. The appropriate response is option E.

What is the war of 1812?

The United States and its native allies fought the United Kingdom and its supporters in British North America during the War of 1812, with Spain's involvement in Florida being limited.

In a struggle that spanned the Northeast, West, and Southeast of the United States as well as Canada, the high seas, and the Great Lakes, the War of 1812 thrust the United States onto the international arena.

Enhanced patriotism in the US and respect for the US among other nations were some of the key outcomes of the War of 1812. Additionally, the US military and industry were bolstered. Additionally, the Federalist party's influence waned, and the threat posed by Native Americans decreased.

To learn more about the war of 1812



I think it was a because they fought against the greatest naval power. So i think they were trying to prove a point.

In 1948, the chicago daily tribune predicted that ____________ would lose the presidential election.


Answer and Explanation:

In 1948, the Chicago Daily Tribune predicted that Harry Truman would lose the presidential election because many results during the early part of the elections favored Thomas E. Dewey, and seemed to convince most people that he would win the election; the Chicago Daily Tribune was convinced enough to print copies of their magazines and predict a Dewey victory with the caption: “Dewey Defeats Truman.” However, as it later turned out, Truman defeated Dewey, to the surprise of many.

Dewey defeats truman

Question 8 according to an argument from the liberal perspective, what caused both the naval competition between germany and great britain and the military provocation of france and russia?


Kaiser Wilhelm II’s clumsy diplomacy

Âthe broadest and most open gateway to participation is offered to the american people by _______.


The broadest and most open gateway to participation is offered to the American people bypolitical parties.
If you want to engage in any type of political activity, you will have to become a member of one of the political parties. That is probably the only way to have any influence when it comes to politics, and to participate in the political life of America.

Which statement is an example of causation


A rescuer knocked a lantern out of a worker's hand and the ruins caught fire.


when you put 5 bricks of jamaican brick ku$h on board your 2 door van with 10 stripies and hookies your gona have a good time


my life

The bill of rights was intended to protect certain fundamental rights for all citizens against actions of the national government. should the u.s. constitution provide the same protections for all citizens against actions of state governments, or should it be up to each state whether to protect fundamental rights for citizens within the state?


The Tenth Amendment upholds both federalism and the state's rights. It identifies the rights of the people (state rights) not only of government power to the people. The bill of rights is implemented in the US, which means it extends to all the states. The US Constitution applies the law to all its jurisdiction which is all the states.

Failing to include specific resources locations even when the authors name is mentioned is still considered plagiarism true or false?


The statement above is TRUE.
Plagiarism is an act of presenting someone's else work as if it one's own. Plagiarism comes in different forms. In a situation where an author refuses to state the specific location where he got his resources from, such an act is called plagiarism.

What disability does Melody have?


Melody hadcerebral palsy, a disease that disables you so you can't walk, can't control your body movements, and, most frustrating toMelody, can't talk. THis is true if the Melody you are referring to the Melody from the book "out of my Mind" by Sharon Draper


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