Which Of The Following Is Required To Have A Backfire Flame Arrestor? (2023)

1. Backfire Flame Arrestors - Boat Ed

  • Backfire flame arrestors must be: In good and serviceable condition. USCG approved (must comply with SAE J-1928 or UL 1111 standards). Periodically clean ...

  • Because boat engines may backfire, all powerboats (except outboards) that are fueled with gasoline must have an approved backfire flame arrestor on each carburetor. Backfire flame arrestors are designed to prevent the ignition of gasoline vapors in case the engine backfires.

2. Required Equipment - BoatUS Foundation

  • With some minor and technical exceptions, every inboard gasoline engine must be equipped with an acceptable means of backfire flame control-or "flame arrestor." ...

  • The BoatUS Foundation provides this study guide to not only help with passing our free online boating safety course, but to provide a knowledge base for anyone wanting to learn about boating.

3. Which os the following is required to have a backfire flame arrestor?

4. Boat Backfire Arrestors Definition | BOATERexam.com®

  • Backfire flame arrestors have been required on motorboats with inboard engines since 1940. Learn more about what they do, as well as how to inspect one.

5. Does your boat need a backfire flame arrestor - SchoonerMan

  • Jul 28, 2023 · All motorboats with enclosed gasoline engines, except those with outboard engines, must have a backfire flame arrestor on each carburetor.

  • All motorboats with enclosed gasoline engines, except those with outboard engines, must have a backfire flame arrestor on each carburetor. The backfire flame

6. Backfire Flame Arrestor

  • Jun 21, 2012 · Answer: All gasoline powered boats are required to have a backfire flame arrestor. VE's should try to check these boats for tight and clean ...

  • Question: In my inspections I am beginning to come across new power boats and re-powered boats that have inboard multi-port or direct fuel injected gas engines. What are the rules for flame arresters for these types of engines. These engines are pretty well shrouded and if they are required to have a flame arrestor it is very difficult to locate.

7. WAC 352-60-090: - WA.gov

  • A gasoline engine utilizing an air and fuel induction system, and operated without an approved backfire flame arrester, must either include a reed valve ...

  • 352-60-080  <<  352-60-090 >>   352-60-100

8. Equipment - Boating - Washington Recreation & Conservation Office

  • A gasoline-powered motorboat (not outboard) requires a backfire flame arrestor as well. Mufflers are required for all vessels, except canoes and kayaks.

  • A short list of key boating equipment that should be carried onboard your vessel at all times.

9. Marine Services | Did You Remember? Equipment Checklist

  • Backfire Flame Arrestor: A Coast Guard approved backfire flame arrestor is required for inboard gasoline motors which are not exposed to the atmosphere ...

  • Did You Remember? - Equipment Checklist

10. Required Boating Equipment | Louisiana Department of Wildlife ...

  • The carburetor or carburetors of every motorboat engine using gasoline as fuel (except outboard motors) must have an efficient flame arrestor, backfire trap, or ...

  • The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries is responsible for managing and protecting Louisiana’s abundant natural resources. The department issues hunting, fishing, and trapping licenses, as well as boat titles and registrations.

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